Who We Are. A Brief History

Vision Support has been providing help and assistance for people affected by vision impairments since 1876. Our goal has always been to aid people in maintaining their independence and autonomy, whilst raising awareness of the challenges faced by those with sight loss.  

We were founded under the name The Chester Association For The Home Teaching Of The Blind. The intention was to send Home Teachers out to educate people with visual impairments in applicable skills.

In our first year of operation 79 people were visited. Our services have proved that vital that we have continued to operate as a charity in the area ever since. 

In 2001 we merged with Vision Enhancement Services, extending our reach over much of North Wales; allowing us to help more people.

 As of 2015, our Mission Statement reads: ‘Vision Support exists to enhance the quality of life, promote the continuing independence and raise awareness of the needs of vision impaired people of all ages throughout our communities.’



1876 – Chester Society for Supplying Home Teaching for the Blind is founded.


1932 – To reflect the growing importance of the Society’s workshops which provided employment for vision impaired people, the Society’s name was changed to Chester and District Blind Welfare Society. At the time 56 people were employed.

1955 – The Society enters new premises at 67 Liverpool Road, Chester.

1957 – In 1957-58, 24569 visits were made by the staff to blind persons in their homes.

1958 – The Right Honourable Viscount Leverhulme became the Society’s President.

1960 – Home Teachers, visiting many vision impaired people from their base in Liverpool Road, had their salaries met by local authorities.

1970 – Local Authority Social Services Departments began to directly administer a greater part of the support offered to vision impaired people. The Society concentrated on providing additional services such as sheltered employment, provision of equipment, talking books and holidays.

1986 – Viscount Lord Leverhulme opened a Vision Resource Centre at 67 Liverpool Road.

1990 – The Charity changed its name to Chester, Cheshire and Clwyd Society for the Blind to reflect its increasing geographical coverage.

1997 – The Charity changed its name to Cheshire and North East Wales Society for the Blind in line with local government reorganisation.


2001 – Cheshire and North East Wales Society for the Blind merged with Vision Enhancement Services. The new Charity took the name of Vision Enhancement Services, with a working name of Vision Support. A trading company was also established this year under the name of Vision Support trading, which covenanted all profits to the work of the Charity.

2002 – Vision Support introduced the first of its new, innovative Mobile Resource Centres covering North Wales.

2005 – Vision Support’s Head Office moved to its present address at the Ropeworks in Chester. A second Mobile Resource Centre purchased for Cheshire and Halton.

2010 – David Briggs, Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, became Vision Support’s President. A new office opened in Gwersyllt, located within a community resource centre.

2015 – Chester Vision Centre opened inside the Bluecoat building.

2016 – Victorian Tea Parties to celebrate 140 years of Vision Support.

2017 – Prestatyn Sight Loss Centre opened in Prestatyn high street.

2021 – Vision Support launched a new community information service, bringing support to further locations across north wales and Cheshire.