Below is a collection of quotes from people who have received various services from Vision Support. If you would like to give some feedback on a service you have received  please get in touch with us either by calling 01244 381515 or emailing

“I’ve spoken to quite a few people over the last few weeks but none of them really understand the things that are different or more difficult for me now in lockdown, it’s really helpful to be able to talk to someone who really understands about sight loss.”

– Service user, Wrexham

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a check in phone call from Vision Support during the Covid-19 lockdown

“I recently lost my job and am now looking for other work, the iPad would help me to search and apply for jobs especially because a lot of places are asking for interviews over Zoom at the moment. I have a Samsung phone but don’t always find it easy to use; I had an iPad in my previous job and found that more accessible but had to give it back when I left. I would also use it for keeping in contact with people and potentially for work in the future.”

– Service user, Chester

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free iPad during the Covid-19 lockdown

“About 5 months ago I was unemployed along with lots of other people. I had the skills but not much experience.

It was suggested to me to try some voluntary work – so I contacted Vision Support. The staff there were very helpful friendly and very supportive.

They allowed me to help with their group computer training for the visually impaired as well as getting some experience in the field of Web design/developing which was what I was qualified to do.

I helped out making some posters for them for distribution for awareness of Vision Support and I was also able to help out with the build of their new web site.

All this experience helped me to fill a gap in my CV and it was down to voluntary work that helped me secure a fantastic new job 5 months ago – I am now working for a web studio in Chester and really enjoying my job.

I am so grateful to all the friends I made at Vision Support and everything they have done for me and wish them all the best in the future. I would recommend voluntary work to anyone, the experience and self-confidence you get is invaluable!!”

-Service user, Chester

“I was registered blind in my mid 20’s and I am now in my 60’s. Prior to lockdown I attended IT training with Linda Bromilow at Halton Resource Centre and used a Synappitc tablet which I found a great help and was good for me to use.

I don’t have much confidence and believe if I was successful and got a Synapptic tablet it would greatly improve my emotional wellbeing and give me a wider choice of things I can do at home being independent.

I would be using the tablet for listening to music via YouTube, I love music and it’s a huge part of my life. I could also keep in touch with all my family and friends, use the calendar to not miss appointments and use the internet to keep up to date with what is going on in the world and check the weather etc.

This would impact my daily life greatly and give me a sense of achievement and purpose, allowing me to keep independent and keeping up with technology.”

– Service User, Widnes

Quote obtained from service user about the benefit of receiving a free Synapptic tablet during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“My daughter and I are shielding for the moment which has put a stop to my social activities, I now have to live under lockdown and am struggling to take part in church events and to study for my Grade 3 piano.

A Victor Reader Stream would be invaluable to me, it would enable me to access podcasts, listen to internet radio, read computer text files, listen to any new pieces that need to be learnt for my grade three examination, take down telephone numbers and notes to remind me about dates and things I have to do, listen to music for leisure and read books for pleasure.

i am a computer user but don’t have the portability of an accessible media player/recorder (such as the Victor Reader Stream) which is designed specifically for someone with no sight and unfortunately I am unable to use a mainstream product due to having no useful vision.

A Victor Reader Stream would be really beneficial and would mean I could continue with learning the piano, entertain myself along with organising my life while having to socially isolate.”

Quote obtained from service user about the benefit of receiving a Victor Reader Stream during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I live alone and I am registered bling with Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. My daughter is my main carer, but she lives on Anglesey and visits me once a week with appropriate PPE. My daughter is visiting less often due to the Covid-19 crisis and it worries her thinking of how I manage with making drinks for myself.

I am very independent and wish to remain so for as long as I can. I attempt to make my own cups of tea/coffee but it is rather hit or miss as to how successful I am. I give myself marks out of ten when making drinks!

Filling the kettle is difficult but the main issue is missing the cup when pouring and water being spilt everywhere with risk of scalding and slipping on wet surfaces. A device like a one-cup kettle would help me greatly to independently and safely pour my drinks.

My daughter is worried that I will end up scalding myself and I would like to get a one cup kettle to keep me safe and give my daughter some reassurance regarding my safety. My daughter would assist to unpack and show me how to operate the kettle safely.”

– Service User, Rhyl

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free one cup kettle during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“A tablet would help me to feel more connected to people as I feel I am being left behind. I feel very isolated at the moment and having a tablet would help me to keep in contact with my family as well as helping me keep up to date on the latest news.

I feel it would also improve my confidence especially with technology. i would like to feel more independent with getting online and this would be a good goal for me to work towards to fill up my days during lockdown.

In terms of accessibility I would be using magnification, high contrast fonts and large text. It would really help my wellbeing if I was able to to keep myself informed and have access to different forms of knowledge such as what is going on locally in my area.”

– Service User, Prestatyn

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free Samsung Galaxy tablet during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I am partially sighted with extremely limited vision. I have double detached retinas and I have had over 15 operations to my eyes, my left eye is very damaged and I can’t read normal sized font.

When I am at home I have to use my large screen Kindle Fire to read books with a very large print. If I need to read food or medicine labels in the house or when I am out, or read anything at all really, then I must use a magnifier which can put a strain on my eyes if the light is not good.

Having a light included in the magnifier is especially useful to me and allows me to read what I could not normally when in different levels of light.”

– Service User, Chester

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free magnifier during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I am a semi-professional musician; music had been my means of income until my sight loss. I live alone and am fortunate enough to have good family support. This is typically my daughter helping with online shopping (Amazon) and email.

I have good links with Vision Support and have attended social groups; it was at one of these that I realised the benefits of smart phones and tablets and now feel that an iPad would be invaluable to me, especially during these times of isolation. I have some computer experience as I used to use a computer before my sight loss and am aware of services and training that would enable me to fully appreciate what can be achieved using such a device.

I would like to be able to independently manage my Amazon shopping, email, or Facetime friends and family, enjoy the vast uploaded content from YouTube, download talking books and upload my own music for others to appreciate. An iPad would enable me to begin the process of restoring some of my independence during these difficult times.”

– Service User, Widnes

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free iPad during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I am retired and live alone; my eyesight is gradually failing due to a combination of macular degeneration and glaucoma. I have a supportive family network; however, I do not want to put on them so will not always request help.

Life has been rather stressful during these challenging times of lockdown and I miss the company of friends and family. I am a member of a local art group and a choir who are both using zoom to keep in touch, compare creations and rehearse music unfortunately I am unable to take part in these activities as I don’t have any device that allows me to connect to zoom.

My son lives in Canada we used to keep in touch using Skype, but I no longer have a computer. I have purchased the internet, for use with my smart TV, and feel that an iPad could be an excellent tool for re-connecting with family and group members.

A new iPad would be really beneficial and would mean I could stay in touch with my friends and family while I am having to socially isolate.”

– Service User, Prestatyn

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free iPad during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I used to use technology regularly but stopped as my sight worsened due to lack of confidence, and I no longer own any technology.

I would like to be able to get back in regular contact with family and friends, as I really feel that I am missing out on being able to easily stay in touch with people through technology. Lockdown has re-enforced how isolated I feel and I think being able to reconnect with people would really help me. For example, it would be great to be able to video call my brother who I haven’t seen in two months.

Having accessible technology would also really help me with getting my independence back. For instance it would be great to be able to do my own shopping online instead of having to ask someone else to help me with it especially during lockdown as I am not doing my own shopping at all at the moment. Being able to use accessibility apps would also make a big difference. I have heard of Seeing AI for example which I think would make a big difference to me both in the house and out and about in the future. I would also be able to keep track of my appointments much more easily with the calendar and notes on the tablet.

Before being recently registered SSI I was a very busy and active person with many hobbies such as woodwork which I am not currently able to do. Having access to a tablet would help me with my wellbeing by making sure I still have lots of things to do such as listening to podcasts and music and watching YouTube and TV apps.”

– Service User, Runcorn

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free tablet during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I am registered severely sight impaired with Cataracts and Macular Degeneration (dry in one eye and wet in the other). I also have poor physical mobility and struggle to lift my shoulder. I have very fragile bones and my doctor has told me to be extra careful as even a slight fall could cause bone fractures.

My grandson lives with me but is out working most of the day. My daughter is my main carer but is visiting less often due to the Covid-19 crisis and she also works.

I am alone most of the day and find it very problematic with making drinks during the daytime. I have attempted to make hot drinks in the microwave but end up flooding the machine. My family and I are extremely concerned that I will have an accident whilst attempting to make tea/coffee either by scalding, spilling water everywhere, slipping and falling or dropping the kettle due to my severe sight impairment and very poor grip.

A device, such as a one cup kettle, would help me greatly to independently and safely pour my drinks and to help keep me safe and give my family and I some reassurance regarding my safety.”

– Service User, Denbigh

Quote obtained from service user about the benefits of receiving a free one cup kettle during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“About four years ago I was registered Seriously Sight Impaired/blind.

My impairment of vision is such that I was fortunate in that I am able to move about providing there are no obstacles and I am familiar with the surroundings. Apart from the disappointment of not being able to drive, my main disability is not having sufficient acuity of vision to read or write.

I was told about Vision Support and their training. Having a chance to overcome this problem by learning to touch-type seemed too good to miss. I phoned Vision Support and a appointment was arranged for me to start a course to learn to tough-type using the Guide computer.

Recently, I had a short course tutored by Keith Brown in order to unravel some of the mysteries of using the internet with Guide.

The Guide system, being voice operated, is not particularly compatible with the internet. As a result of all this invaluable help I have been able to write a short book on the first five years of my married life for my family. The organisation setting me so expertly on the road to compensating the disabilities of my loss of vision, Vision Support certainly lives up to expectations.

The support given by the expert and friendly staff have been memorable, and I can recommend that anyone finding themselves with the onset of low vision to seek their assistance.”

– Service user, North Wales