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Do you enjoy chatting on the phone to friends and family?

Most of us do and none of us can have too many friends. Sometimes though it is difficult for people with a visual impairment to go out and make new friends, so that is why Vision Support has developed their Let’s Talk service. There are many Service Users receiving a regular call from a Let’s Talk Volunteer. As well as putting Service Users in contact with any of our other services that they may enquire about they chat about, well, everything under the sun really! As most of our Volunteers are phoning from the comfort of their own homes, calls can be on a day and time convenient to both Service User and Volunteer. Most calls are on a weekly basis but can be less frequent if that is what the Service User would like. As it is the Volunteer who makes the phone call there is no cost to the Service User for this service. All phone expenses can be claimed back by Volunteers. One Service User who has been receiving a call for the last 5 years said: ”I so look forward to our weekly chats as I live alone. My Let’s Talk Volunteer has also encouraged me to go along to one of Vision Support’s clubs, which means that I am out of the house one day a week.” If you are interested in receiving this service or would like to refer someone please contact Jo Jardine on (01244) 381515 or email: If you are interested in becoming a Let’s Talk Volunteer please contact your local Service Co-ordinator.
Vision Support offers a Welfare Benefits Advice service in Halton covering Runcorn and Widnes. Our specially trained advisors can assess an individual’s entitlement to benefits, help with completing applications and support any appeals as necessary. We also understand that getting to our resource centre is not always convenient, and to ensure you can discuss matters in a private setting, we can arrange to visit you at home if preferred. For further enquiries please contact; Halton Resource Centre Independent Living Centre Collier Street Runcorn WA7 1HB
Our professionally qualified Rehabilitation Workers are contracted to Social Services. Their role as specialist workers in the field of the visual impaired focuses on maintaining independence and promoting equality for anyone living with sight loss. We also have a team of Rehabilitation Assistants who demonstrate specialist equipment and support service users in their own homes.
We have a team of Home Visitors who befriend people with a visual impairment and assist individuals with daily living tasks such as reading mail and sorting household bills. This service is available to anyone with a visual impairment who is at risk of social isolation in the Chester, Ellesmere Port and Vale Royal areas. Service Users can refer themselves for this service or referrals can be made by family members or friends with the service user’s permission. Please contact head office for further details. homevisit
We have a dedicated team of qualified IT Trainers based in a number of locations, with extensive experience of teaching all aspects of using a computer. They can help partially-sighted people improve or obtain computer skills, including learning to email and access the internet! We teach in small friendly groups of people with similar interests. If you are interested in learning, but think that you would not manage to see the screen, we have different types of software that magnify the screen and also read the text to you. We can even teach you to do your shopping on line. We currently teach IT in the following locations: Halton Resource Centre Chester Head Office Chester Bluecoat Building North Wales Regional Office,AVOW,Egerton Street,Wrexham Prestatyn Sight Loss Centre,38 High Street,Prestatyn. magazines-computers CLICK HERE TO MEET ONE OF OUR TRAINERS
Braille Training by Keith Brown Vision support offers a Braille training service which covers both Cheshire and North Wales. It’s delivered in one-to-one sessions and tailored to your needs. Anyone can learn Braille and, like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get. Don’t feel that you might be too old to learn as there’s a wide age range of learners who have found it much easier to learn than they expected. Braille is a vital tool for anyone who is blind or partially sighted, and has numerous applications such as labelling CD / DVD collections, food items and clothes hangers. Browse the TV listings from the comfort of your arm chair, read magazines or identify medication packages. Request your utility bills and bank statements in Braille, giving you back the independence and satisfaction of managing your household budget / finances. You can subscribe to numerous Braille magazines. You can even choose from a wide range of books etc from RNIB Braille library, which holds thousands of titles. Braille can replace your pen and paper so it’s as versatile as you need it to be. There are options to assist with spreading the cost of purchasing your Perkins Braille writing machine from RNIB and we are happy to advise if you need us to. For more information contact Vision Support at any of our offices, listed further on, and subject to availability your Braille training will be arranged for a time that’s convenient for you. For more information contact Keith Brown at Head Office on 01244 381515 1dsc02765
Do you have sight loss? Are you over 50? Do you live in Cheshire West and Chester? Would you like to get out more?
If you have answered ‘YES’ to all these questions Vision Support can help! We will:-
• Visit you and find out what you would like to do and what is available near where you live
•Go to social groups and activities with you until you feel more confident and motivated
•Help groups and organisations be more inclusive for people with sight loss
To find out more Call: 01244 381515
Vision Supported Communities is a Brightlife funded project to help reduce social isolation in people aged 50+ in Cheshire West and Chester.

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