Northwich Club’s visit to the Shire Horse Centre, Cotebrook

On 3rd June 2015, the Northwich club visited the Shire Horse Centre at Cotebrook. Seventeen (17) of us enjoyed the hospitality of the Centre and the kindness of the staff, including Alistair (the owner) who gave us a very interesting talk about his favourite stallion, Edward, and his many progeny.

It was wonderful to see the two foals, one 11 days old and another 3 days old and also the family of 3 week old piglets.

Our afternoon was concluded with a delicious afternoon tea with lovely sandwiches and mouth watering cakes. There was very little left on the table by the time we had finished! During the tea we had a toast to the memory of Marjorie (former club member) and Enid (her daughter and club volunteer) whose son in law and widower Geoff was with us to celebrate their lives.
We had a wonderful afternoon and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Shire Horse Centre 029Shire Horse Centre 011