We have 3 resource centres located across North Wales and Cheshire (Click Here for Details) and our Community Information Service carries a wide variety of equipment and aids designed to make life easier.


Lighting is vital around the home and our staff will advise and demonstrate suitable and affordable lamps.

Some of the most popular items are talking watches and clocks which can cost as little as £8.99 for a basic plastic version and up to £25.95 for a radio controlled watch which automatically adjusts to Winter or Summer Time with a wide range of styles and prices in between. The ever popular cube clock is still available at £24.99 and a radio controlled alarm clock costs £34.95.

Wraparound anti-glare glasses can help to ease the discomfort experienced by many people with a visual impairment. We stock a choice of tints so that you can find the right one for your eye condition and these start at £6.50 per pair.

Talking kitchen scales, timers and talking bathroom scales can help you retain your independence.

Bump-ons ( raised self adhesive rubberised bumps) are a simple and effective way to mark everyday items around the home.

The Pen Friend device is a pocket sized product that uses self adhesive labels and records and plays back information to identify food items, including frozen food, household paperwork, shopping lists and even film and music collections. This currently costs £79.99 (ex-VAT).

Calendars and diaries are also available from early November onwards.

The staff at all our centres are happy to demonstrate any equipment and are fully trained to offer advice and information on all our services and other services available locally and nationally.

Our Community Information Service visits local communities making it easier to access these services for those unable to travel to our resource centres.