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NHS England, Vision Support and East Cheshire Eye Society are working in partnership on a project to improve information for vision impaired people in Cheshire. We want to find out how you have accessed information to support your vision impairment and what information is most useful to you. Participants will be offered the chance to take part in a prize draw to win an Alexa or One Cup Kettle.

Who should complete the questionnaire? People living with a vision impairment in Cheshire.

Assistance to complete the questionnaire. If it is difficult for you to complete the questionnaire, you can ask a friend or family member for help. Or you can arrange for one of Vision Support’s staff to help you by telephoning 01244 381515 or emailing

This is the weblink to complete the survey online Click Here for the Cheshire Sight Loss Information Survey

Completing the questionnaire. Please read each question carefully before selecting your response. Some questions give you the choice of ticking more than one box and there is the opportunity to provide further information.

Returning the questionnaire. Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Your responses will help us improve information for people with sight loss in Cheshire. If you are returning a paper copy of the questionnaire please return the questionnaire in the envelope provided no later than the 1st September 2022. No stamp is required.